Monday, November 19, 2012

How to go about running your own clothing brand?

Starting a clothing line is an experience that can take you a couple of years later to a new dimension. Of course you may enjoy riches beyond your own imagination. Maybe this could keep you motivated all along the way, even when times are harsh, but it's not my point here.

START CLOTHING LINE: How to get started?
START CLOTHING LINE: Create a clothing line.
START CLOTHING LINE: Choose clothing factory.

The experience of starting your own clothing label, or even simply a t-shirt business business, is a great one because of the person you become along the way and the situations that you have to deal with.

Getting started is tough enough, you go to sleep with your troubles and you wake up with your problems. Manufacturing, marketing and timing problems, the textile industry is not for the faint hearted.

Make sure you keep your clothing brand running, read these articles:

RUN CLOTHING BRAND: Deal with the quality of manufacturing.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eminem or HBO?

Eminem or HBO? That's the question you'll have to ask yourself, unless you choose Megan Fox as a background of v2.0 - which online relaunch is today.

The HBO stylesheet, which you can choose by simply ticking the corresponding radio button at the top of the new website, relates to the story of young New York entrepreneurs troubles to get their jeans brand (Crisp) off the ground.

 This tv serie (How to make it in America) is also a motivational masterpiece for those in the business of starting their clothing line.

.... By the way, you can also choose from more classic backgrounds if you don't like any of the above, but then again, some people are never happy...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Starting a clothing line. Updated!

This has just been updated: I'm talking about this archived (2010) article about starting a clothing line The homepage of this clothing website has also been revisited with additional tabs about Jeans manufacturing and T-shirts manufacturing. Information provided gives a good idea of the budget for a small run and how to go about it. It's right here: Tags: Clothing manufacturer. T-shirt manufacturer. Jeans, Cutting patterns and shapes.